Feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium)

Feverfew (Chrysanthemum parthenium) is used as a medicinal herb.  The flowers and the leaves are used to treat migraines.  Tea from the flowers also helps with muscle tension, and menstrual problems.  Herbalists use an infusion of Feverfew as a mild sedative, disinfectant, and antispasmodic.  Externally a strong infusion of Chrysanthemem parthenium is used to soothe swellings and wounds.  Feverfew is also known as Featherfew and Midsummer Daisy.

Family:  Asteraceae

Climate and Light:  Feverfew grows in zones 5 – 7 and likes full sun to partial shade. It’s preference being morning sun with afternoon shade.

Soil:  This herb likes deep, well-drained soil, with a pH of 6. to 6.7.

Water:  Chrysanthemum parthenium likes  moist soil for best results.

Growing Habit:  Feverfew is an annual in some areas and a  perennial in other areas that may grow to 3 ‘ with a spread of 1’.  It has white flowers with yellow centers that last from summer into the fall.  It is similar to Chamomile. 

Propagation:  Chrysanthemum parthenium will self-sow easily.  Transplants can be set out anytime during the growing season.  Cuttings can also be taken during the growing season.  If seeding, it would be well to start them indoors in late winter and set out in spring.

Harvesting and Storing:  Harvest the leaves before the flowers form, and pick the flowers just when open.  Dry and store in airtight containers.  Dried flowers are also used for potpourri and flower arrangements.

Companion Plants:  I do no know of any.

Remarks:  All parts of the plant are strongly aromatic.

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